Greek Women are stories from Greek Mythology, all from the womens perspective.

Story of Cassandra

Story of Europe

Story of Leda and Helena - Dance: Live Tango Dancers

Story of Ariadne

Story of Medea - Music by Hugo Sips: Mix Tango, Gypsy, heavy metal riffs

Story of Penelope​

With Xi Zeng. Forget about Trump, Putin, and Xi. We tell the stories of women with power. Lots of power. Alexandra tells stories of women of the west, Xi of the east.​

Story of Catherine the Great

Story of Xi Ci

Story of Angela Merkel

Story of Park Geun-hye

Story of Olcay Gulsen

Story of Tao Huabi

Did you know Disney is the filter of Grimm and Grimm the filter of many European oral storytelling traditions? In this series of short 10-15 minute stories we deconstruct how folktales and fairytales were like before Grimm and Anderson, and especially the stories where women are involved. Although originally meant for both adults and children, today only suitable for adults.

Series of Short True stories. Of one of them, a podcast was made by Echtgebeurd (2016).

Women of Amsterdam. True Stories on woman who lived in Amsterdam in diverse periods in time.

  • Story of Lena - Koninkrijk der Nederlanden - Juliana

  • Story of Anne - Koninkrijk der Nederlanden - Juliana

  • Story of Jansje - Koninkrijk der Nederlanden - Willem III

  • Story of Gertrude - Bataafse Republiek

  • Story of Anna - Republiek der 7 Vereenigde Nederlanden

  • Story of Aletta Jacobs

Midden in de Winter - Storytelling show for 4+ children with live guitar music.

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